Psychotherapy – whats it about?

At In Dialogue we get quite a bit of nervous new comers who, understandably, are cautious about therapy. This video from school of life is useful.It says we are not born knowing how to live life and therapy can help one become more self aware so they can feel more confident in living life and managing relationships. Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) aim is to consider how we have learn’t how we see ourselves in the world, through relationships. Sometimes this way of seeing ourselves has become restricted or “one eyed” and therapy can help us see ourselves from a different, more hopeful and empowered perspective.


Our inner dialogue

I agree with this article, that our inner speech has been influenced by the voices we grow up with. In therapy we can start to be aware of this inner speech and either add a voice that is more moderate or helpful or by just being aware of our inner dialogue can allow us some space to perhaps not believe it all! Cognitive Analytic Therapy is a great model to think about the origins of our own dialogue in a empathic way.