Website photo - Caitlin Robertson

Dr Caitlin Robertson

General Psychologist

I am an identity and neurodiversity affirming psychologist and encourage authentic self-expression and recognise that trust, acceptance, and safety within the therapeutic relationship are central to all other aspects of the work that we do together. I like to work with people to develop a shared understanding of their experiences and goals, help them to embrace their personal strengths, and empower them to build a life that is meaningful and fulfilling for them. I am experienced in seeing people around their emotional wellbeing, self-identity, neurodevelopment and neurodiversity, relational and developmental trauma, disability (including forensic disability), and sex and relationships.

I seek to provide a safe space for people to be themselves and reflect upon their relationships and experiences, while also providing opportunities to explore and practice new skills to navigate difficult emotions and challenging situations. I adopt a flexible clinical approach to provide a treatment experience that is individualised and meaningful for each person. I value transparency, mutual respect and collaboration, and check in throughout the therapeutic process to adjust our goals and focus as needed.

I believe that all people are worthy of dignity and respect, and that providing opportunities for people to better understand themselves, learn new skills, and connect with others is the best way to support positive behaviour change.

As an experienced clinical supervisor, I have also contributed to the development of professionals from multidisciplinary backgrounds. I am an approved Supervisor with the Psychology Board of Australia. I also have experience in systemic behaviour support and clinical service design in complex service systems and recognise the impacts of systemic and ecological factors on individual wellbeing and functioning. I am passionate about social justice and advocating for neurodevelopmentally-informed systems and cultures that treat people as individuals and break down barriers to change.