Dr Sue Giles


Not currently accepting new clients

I am a Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists. I completed my medical degree in Sydney followed by specialist psychiatric training in Melbourne and a Masters of Psychological Medicine at The University of Melbourne. I have expertise in general adult psychiatry including anxiety, mood, personality and psychotic disorders.

I work with people experiencing mental health difficulties to clarify diagnosis and develop an evidence-based treatment plan to drive and support their recovery goals. This may include exploring physical health needs, psychological strategies and social supports, as well as considering medication options.

Diagnosis can be an important element in this process, when it helps a person to feel validated and better understand their experiences, and also when it helps to clarify the most appropriate treatment options. However a diagnosis based on a check-list of symptoms is not enough. My approach is to explore the experiences and symptoms of each individual and to develop an understanding of the meaning and impact of these experiences on the whole person, in order to develop truly collaborative goals for treatment.

People experiencing psychiatric conditions can and do live full and meaningful lives and it is my goal to assist people in this journey through compassionate, empathic and evidence- based care.