Tamara Worotniuk

Clinical Psychologist

Not currently accepting new clients

I am a Clinical Psychologist with over a decade of clinical experience. Over this time I have worked with adolescents, young adults and adults in both private and public sectors. I have experience supporting people through inpatient and outpatient care and across group and individual settings. I have worked with individuals experiencing anxiety, depression, adjustment difficulties, eating and body image disorders, substance use difficulties, trauma and personality disorders.

I am a registered AHPRA Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Psychology Supervisor. I have training in cognitive behavioural, cognitive analytic, dialectical behavioural, and acceptance and commitment therapies. I further draw upon mindfulness and self-compassion principles.

I believe the therapeutic relationship is the cornerstone of psychological movement. In order to explore emotional challenges and harness the courage to experiment with new ways of interacting with the world, I believe patients first need to be listened to and understood. I work hard to maintain a collaborative, flexible, client centred approach to therapy that involves both developing greater insight into emotional experiences and developing new ways of interacting with the self, others and the world. That is, therapy that involves both observing and doing, acceptance and change.

I feel genuinely privileged to work with clients and work hard to honor the trust they place in me. At In Dialogue I offer individual counselling for young people and adults and professional supervision for registered psychologists.No