‘Being faithful to ourselves’ – it’s OK not to be in the moment

In this age of mindfulness we can be even more pressuring of ourselves to stop and feel and feel true, whatever this means. Mindfulness is a great tool but it is also OK not to be in the moment as perhaps we have learnt to cut off or be less in tune to cope with life. The school of life video expresses this well https://www.mindful.org/its-ok-not-to-be-in-the-moment/

In Cognitive Analytic Therapy we consider observing ourselves lightly, without judgement, a more helpful way of being but also recognise that this is hard to do when one is used to critiquing their every move.  Being faithful to ourselves and recognising our own expectations and the weight of these at times, can be helpful and we hope in the New Year we can take it easy on ourselves.