Year 1 and Year 2 Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) courses_Limited places available

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In Dialogue is hosting ANZACAT accredited year 1 and year 2 CAT practitioner training in 2024 and requesting expression of interest by 28th October 2023. CAT year 1 flyerIn Dialogue YEAR 1 CAT practitioner course 2024pdf
Both year 1 and year 2 offer workshop material of 50 hours (in each year) provided through 2 hour pre-recorded modules with short assessment tasks alongside real time reading and mapping seminars. Both courses are designed for the busy practitioners where you can view the workshops in your own time (to a course schedule) and provide feedback through assessment tasks and seminar groups.
Both courses value community learning and will encourage attendance at seminar groups and online community feedback alongside your CAT group supervision. The courses ask you to engage and fund your ANZACAT approved supervisor separately and will recommend ANZACAT approved supervisors. 40 sessions a year are required of group supervision (you pay for 30 mins of the groups supervision) and this usually costs approximately $4000.00 but this depends on the private fee of your supervisor.
Year 1 costs $4400 (in GST) and year 2 also costs $4400.00 (inc GST). Your CAT supervision to be funded separately. You will have access to the course material for 12 months so you can repeat workshops and view at times that fit to your schedule. There is concession price for In Dialogue Practice practitioners – please let  know if you require concession.

Professional coaching for helping professionals

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A CAT personal reformulation for the purpose of professional development.

This is 2 or more sessions where you meet with a CAT practitioner around workplace patterns of relating and how they interact with your own helper style. It is a way of reflecting on what work roles you feel pushed to play out that may be limiting your ability to see clearly the best way to plan care with clients/patients.

Journal Club

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In Dialogue hosts a journal club for professionals interested in CAT, its theoretical underpinnings and exploring its applicability to their work.

Consultation Package

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This package has put the education around relational formulation skills within the consultations. Many teams prefer to learn within their own work context using their own experience of service provision. The consultations will involve some education and theory about how to use CAT principles alongside real-life case and use of tools. The aim of the consultations is for the team or group to be able to apply the relational framework independently, within their own work, once the consultations cease. The consultations can be adapted depending on the needs of the service/team.

Aims of the consultation package can be adapted depending on the amount and time the service requires or can resource.

Using a relational approach to complex mental health – 2 day training

Online course

A two-day training program (15 hours)  involving theory and experiential activities. This training will provide a brief overview of the relational elements of Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) and how these can be used to formulate collaboratively with team and client. This training promotes skills in formulating using the relationship and what we can feel pulled to enact, allowing room for the clinician/worker and system to adopt a relational approach that is engaging and therapeutic.

With option: Ten consultations

Weekly 1–3 hr consultations via face to face or web-based platform (Zoom or Co Viu ) for a group of participants. Each meeting will use real life cases bought by participants to formulate using the theory of relational framework discussed in the two-day training. These consultations seek to consolidate the learning from the 2 day training within the work context.