Using a relational approach to complex mental health – 2 day training

A two-day training program (15 hours)  involving theory and experiential activities. This training will provide a brief overview of the relational elements of Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) and how these can be used to formulate collaboratively with team and client. This training promotes skills in formulating using the relationship and what we can feel pulled to enact, allowing room for the clinician/worker and system to adopt a relational approach that is engaging and therapeutic.

With option: Ten consultations

Weekly 1–3 hr consultations via face to face or web-based platform (Zoom or Co Viu ) for a group of participants. Each meeting will use real life cases bought by participants to formulate using the theory of relational framework discussed in the two-day training. These consultations seek to consolidate the learning from the 2 day training within the work context.