Lenice Murray

Lenice Murray

Psychotherapist/Social Worker

Not currently accepting new clients

I believe that any conversation about our mental health needs should start with understanding and a non-judgmental approach. All of us are unique and dynamic; we have our own stories, struggles, strengths, hopes and needs. Recognizing this should be an integral part of good clinical care. I see my work as a therapist as providing a safe space to offer support, and to collaboratively develop an understanding of what might be happening and why, with the goal of building coping skills and resilience.

I am an accredited Mental Health Social Worker who has worked and studied for a decade and a half in the field of mental health. I have extensive experience in providing clinical assessments and care having worked across a range of mental health service settings, such as inpatient units, recovery-oriented care and intensive outreach teams.

I have worked with young people and adults in both metropolitan and remote areas of Australia. This work has involved getting to know and support young people, adults and families who have faced a range of difficulties that have included symptoms of Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar, Psychosis and Eating Disorders. I also have a particular interest and experience in working with complex trauma, as well as the mental health impacts of structural injustice.

For many years I have provided clinical supervision, mental health training and tertiary education for a range of professionals. I also have a Masters in Public Health, and work in mental health research and evaluation. I believe in the importance of mental health promotion, prevention and early intervention, alongside accessible; evidence based mental health care for all.

My therapeutic style is collaborative and consultative, seeking to offer good therapeutic care with empathy and warmth. My specialist individual therapy training includes: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Cognitive Analytic Therapy, Mentalisation Based Therapy, and Narrative Therapy.